Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Interview with veteran MMA fighter Forrest Petz

Petz lands a right-hand punch on his way to a stoppage win against Surgej Juskevic. Photo courtesy of The Score Fighting Series

Forrest Petz has been on the big stage. And in the world of MMA, that stage is the UFC. In his fighting career, Petz has won more than he has lost. Unfortunately, in the world of combat sports, a loss can be a devastating setback. Fortunately for Petz, he has won his last four fights since losing to Brian Foster at UFC Fight Night: Marquardt vs. Palhares.

This Saturday night at 7p.m., Nov. 23, when most Americans are either getting over their turkey stuffing or recovering from Black Friday's super sale, live from the Hamilton Place Theater, American MMA fighter Petz will do combat on the main event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada against Jordan "Young Gun" Mein for the The Score Fighting Series.

Mein is 14 years younger than Petz, they are evenly matched with Petz having 1 more fight (34) than Mein.(33 fights).  And while the future of either fighter cannot be predicted following their respected performance one things for sure: Petz only has his mind focused on defeating Mein.

Petz was kind enough to take time from his final preparation to answer a few questions leading to Saturday night's fight. Special thanks to James Bigg from The Score Fighting Series for coordinating this interview.

1) Forrest, you have fought in the big stage, that being the UFC. Is the plan to go back to the UFC?
Petz: Right now I'm not looking past Mein. UFC would be great but really not even on my mind right now.
2) You are 37 years old, which in the world of sports, especially in the world of combat, its athletes are fossilized. How do you feel while training? Is your body still able to take the daily grind back compared to when you were younger?
Petz: I haven't noticed any real differences from being older yet. Other than its harder to lose weight.
3) Do you still get nervous before a fight, regardless of the organization and opponent?
Petz: I always get nerves before a fight. The day that stops you're gonna get your ass kicked.
4) What is the endgame for you? Do you want to continue fighting for other organizations and fighting their champions or is it to get back to the big show, the 500-pound-billion-dollar gorilla known as the UFC?
Petz: Really, I'm just taking it one fight at a time. My goal is to beat Jordan Mein. When this fights over I'll make a new goal.
5) Are you using any new training techniques or sticking with what brought you here?
Petz: I've stuck to a pretty good routine over the past year and a half. Been pretty successful with it.
6) Aside from the money and attention, what is the main difference between the UFC and Score Fighting Series?
Petz: Honestly a fight is the same no matter where you're at. It's you and another guy. Doesn't matter who's watching it.
7) What advice do you have for both veteran and up and coming fighters in the world of MMA?
Petz: My advice to up-n-comers: get as much amateur experience as you can. Boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, everything. Also, don't pay attention to what people say about you. That's just a distraction.
Advice to veterans...over training is real listen to your body. If you take care of yourself you'll last longer in this game.
Mr. Forrest Petz, thank you for your time and best regards in your life and career.
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