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Will Dr. Ironfist Provide the Cure for The Black Plague?

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You have to give it to the former kickboxer, Vitali Klitschko.He is over 40 years of age, a strong political figure in the Ukraine government, the first boxer with a Ph.D, and millions of dollars earned through a successful boxing career. Unless you’re Manny Pacquiao, most fighters—inboxing and MMA—will never see half that success. And if they did, they would not continue to risk their health in a dangerous sport against hungry opponents.

Vitali’s younger brother, Wladimir, was originally scheduled to face big brother’s opponent, Dereck Chisora, last year but pulled out due to injuries. In hindsight, that may have been the most exciting fight at heavyweight in recent memory as Chisora was undefeated at the time and was a complete x-factor. In hindsight, Chisora has proven to be an exciting fighter who fights without fear and never gives up.

What makes this an impressive fight for Vitali is the fact that Chisora has fought two opponents who are similar in size and strength toVitali and he has fared well both times; this favors Chisora.
What does not favor Chisora is the fact that neither Tyson Fury nor Robert Helenius have neither the experience nor skill set that Vitali has shown through the years. But what can’t be lost in that fact is that Chisora was able to take their punches and he was able to reach their jaws for12 full rounds. Maybe Vitali’s “lean back” style, coupled with his height and reach,will make him the elusive target which has frustrated nearly all of his opponents.

Both fighters have shown mutual respect for each other leading up to the bout. This should not come as a surprise coming from the philanthropist Vitali, but it is surprising coming from Chisora, who has a history of saying and doing outrageous things. How outrageous you ask? Try kissing a male opponent in the mouth during a stare-down, admitting he is bi-sexual during a televised interview featuring Vitali, and then accusing Vitali of “juicing” in the only visible act of disrespect. To Vitali’s credit, he did not respond in kind to either statement.

With the fight less than two weeks away and barring any injuries to the fighters (see Andre Berto – Victor Ortiz II cancellation), this should be Vitali’s 44th win, by decision. Vitali will make his record and overall career KO (90%) percentage a little more impressive if he is able to do what neither Fury nor Helenius were able to do; knockout Chisora.Though the pick here is that Vitlai’s style of leaping back, making full use of his height, aided by a telephone-pole jab that, right now is only rivaled by his little brother, will make him a much more difficult target than Helenius.
This may be the most exciting fight Vitali has been in since his losing effort to former British heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.

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