Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too Young for Wars

Which way will either fighter go?

Andre Berto, Victor Ortiz, Juan Manuel Lopez and Orlando Salido all won and lost a little bit more last night. 

Giving your all is never a bad thing, unless of course you're in the business of never giving too much until you've cashed in all your chips. For the aforementioned warriors, they do not know the meaning of the words "just enough."

For Ortiz and Salido, they each won world titles and boosted their careers the way a kayo over an undefeated fighter can. It was truly a night for the underdogs. But how much longer can each winner maintain the do and die attitude? And for the losers, will they seek better management and not immediately jump back into the fire or will they be exploited for as long as their excitement level allows?

We will all find out in their next fights. What an exciting and amazing night for boxing fans.

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