Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anderson Silva: MMA's Muhammad Ali

Ascension to the pantheon of greats

When analyzing Muhammad Ali's defining and dominating moment, many people point to Ali's destruction of Cleveland Williams. Others cite his improbable upsets of Sonny Liston and George Foreman. While others will point to his third fight with nemesis Joe Frazier. Either way, those moments leave no doubt as to the mettle which made Ali one of the greatest fighters ever.

Anderson Silva can now make that claim. It's not that his emphatic, almost easy victory over MMA veteran and former champ Vitor Belfort defines his greatness.


It's the fact that it adds to his contrast of victories.

In his last fight, Silva struggled mightily on his feet and on the ground before staging a late-round submission over substance user, Chael Sonnen. In his fight tonight, Silva knocked out Belfort with a kick to the face that would have made Bruce Lee proud, if not Steven Segal who was seated at ringside and who had also trained Aikido with Silva.

Either way, fans can choose from a vary of styles to promote Silva's greatness. This writer prefers to use the Silva vs Chris Leben fight as a blueprint to the type of fighter Silva is when he steps on the pedal.

Now, let's see if young tiger Jon "Bones" Jones can make his own mark as he already has a unique style, power and a will to win which can possibly have him compared to Silva ... if he's good enough and dominant enough.

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