Saturday, October 23, 2010

Will Brock Smash Puny Cain?

Or will Cain make MMA History? (

Cain Velasquez will have a chance to make MMA history and become the first Mexican-American heavyweight champion in MMA and possibly, combat history, this Saturday at UFC 121.

But in his way stands MMA's version of Marvel's green Hulk. Former WWE superstar/champion, Brock Lesnar, has smashed his way into MMA superstardom. He is, bar none, the main money maker in MMA. He has smashed 2 of his last 3 opponents. Even his first name denotes destruction. However, for a big smasher, his stand up is brutish, at best.

And this is the department where the smaller Cain may bring forth his wrath (now you know that was going to be used). As Cheick Kongo showed, Cain's standup is not the greatest, but compared to Brock's 1800's bar-room style stance, Cain is Muhammad Ali. Cain will need to use his strength and wrestling ability, which is overshadowed by Brock's, in order to stay off the mat and keep the fight standing. That is his only chance as he has not shown any exceptional jiu-jitsu holds. So far, all but one of Cain's wins have been by stoppage.

Unless Cain surprises on, and especially off the ground , look for Brock to rock a 3-round unanimous decision.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Prince" Naseem Hamed vs. "The Neo Samurai" Genki Sudo

I almost forgot I had this video I made a few years ago to fit the "Boxing Meets MMA" theme. Sadly, the original music I used, C & C Music Factory's "Sweat" and Ini Kamoze's "Hotstepper" could not be used (thank you faltering record labels for diminishing any FREE promotion).

For my money, Sudo was an all-around fighter who sought out the best competition. Either way, their ring entrances and fighting styles were unique and fan pleasing. Enjoy.

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