Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vitali Klitschko Vanquishes Sosnowski

And it only took him 10 rounds. Now bring on Euro-can No. 2 please.

Winners and Losers of UFC 114

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RampageW3 Evans
Rashad looked more vulnerable than dominant in his last fight versus Thiago Silva. Quinton has had a long layoff and unless he's over trained, his experience should get him the nod.

BispingW3 Miller
If Dan possessed a harder punch, he would be picked over Michael for the count.

DufeeKO1 Russow
As much hype (and he has the record to back it up) as Todd has, you'd think that after getting past Mike Fedor would be next. Oh wait, that was supposed to be Brock Lesnar.

NogueiraW3 Brilz
Jason is competent enough to lose a decision to Lil' Nog.

And for Boxing:

Vitali Klitschko KO5 Albert Sosnowski
If the Klitschko's are to be compared to past greats, they need to close the show the way the past greats did. This is the only way a clear assessment can be made.

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