Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brock Rocked by Cain

The new UFC HW Champion ... for now

Cain Velasquez survived Brock Lesnar's initial offensive onslaught and pummeled the UFC behemoth to win the UFC HW title. Fedor, where art thou?

As expected, Brock immediately bore in for the takedown. The difference is that Cain has similar wrestling credentials and was able to transition back to his feet. Once on the feet, Brock's lack of a strong stand up game cost him dearly as he was dropped each time he was cleanly hit. Cain is not an alleged juiced up Shane Carwin; he does not let up. He picked his shots and made sure to hit Brock fast and furious when he had him down, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight as Brock face was a crimson mask.

Next up for Cain is heavy handed Brazilian, Junior Dos Santos. The guess here is that if t remains on the feet Junior gets the ko. But if he can get Junior down, he can either submit him or pummel his way to a victory.

We shall see.

Can Junior prove to be senior on the feet?

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