Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Should Fans Boycott Pacquiao vs. Margarito?

WHY is this fight being approved??

Normally, banning fights is not something combat sport fans do when they like a fighter. But in this case an exception should be made. And though Manny Pacquiao cannot be blamed 100% for this infraction, at least 50% should go to him. He should have demanded that his promoter, Bob Arum, either choose another fighter from his stable or another fighter altogether. Not one who was literally and figuratively caught red handed, but has yet to admit to what would have been felonious assault.

Unless Pacquiao is giving Juan Manuel Marquez a 3rd shot in the ring, no other fight--except against a smaller Timothy Bradley--no other fighter less than Floyd Mayweather Jr. should be entertained.

Give the fans what they want or watch the fans turn their backs. This fight is a bigger farce than James Toney vs Randy Couture.

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