Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mayweather's Next Move?

Does Mayweather Know What's Next?
Assuming Manny Pacquiao gets by Antonio "Thank you Bob Arum and Jerry Jones" Margarito in his usual explosive fashion on November 13, and Floyd Mayweather returns from his relaxing vacation, the question will be: What will Mayweather do now?

We already know of Pacquiao's political duties in his native country, Philippines.

But what about Mayweather?

Many doubts have been raised regarding the meltdown of negotiations to making the fight as well as Mayweather's decision to go on vacation shortly thereafter. But once he returns his vision should be clear. Is Mayweather waiting for Pac-Man to be tenderized? Is he waiting to see if Pacquaio still wants to negotiate?

Or is Mayweather waiting for Pacquiao to be beaten?

Either way, the sizzle to their superfight has fizzled. But if there is one fighter (along with a certain promoter--Don King) who can reignite the public's imagination in this fight, it is Mayweather. Unless, of course, he is unsure of what's next.

What will they think of next?

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