Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Dominant Dilemma: The Mighty Klitschko Brothers

Which is king?

Recently, Vitali Klitschko--arguably the better of the two Klitschko's, Wladimir being the other--said that his little brother's achievements are on par with that of Muhammad Ali.

No, really, he did. And probably with a straight face.

Let's get the facts straight and leave country, favoritism, and emotion aside. Neither Klitschko has ever been or ever will be in Ali's league. Not even close. As a matter of fact, they are not in a prime Evander Holyfield or Mike Tyson's league.

Now before people say that Tyson was an overhyped never-was, let's quickly examine these fighters.

Tyson came on the scene like a whirlwind and never toyed with his opponents. He always went for win via KO, even the post-prison version who fought solely for the money. He is the youngest ever to win the heavyweight title and, unfortunately the youngest to lose it. And other than his biggest disgrace, Bite Fight, Tyson never quit in the ring.

Vitali, who will claim a better legacy than his little brother, can make greater claims than those he made for his little brother. Vitali has only lost twice in his career. He quit due to a shoulder injury versus the smaller more elusive Chrsi Byrd; a heavyweight no one could beat except a prime Ike Ibeabuchi. Ironically, his last defeat was to heavyweight great Lennox Lewis, via a much protested doctor's stoppage. Vitali has also been a great big brother and disposed of fighters who had the audacity to beat his little brother (barring Lamont Brewster).

This is not to knock Wladimir who has had, to date, a very respectable ring career. But comparing him to past greats is just wrong. Walidimir does not have the same chin his brother possesses. Some things in the gene pools are not equally distributed. Wlaidimir, like big brother, earned a Ph. D. in Sports Science. Both have been great ambassadors to the sporting world, especially in the world of combat sports.

But in the end, Wladimir may be compared to Virgil Hill (former light heavyweight titlist), a dominant, overly cautious fighter who made many defenses but failed when presented big tests. Not Ali worthy in the slightest.
Ali: A far reach for today's heavyweights


  1. WTF are you talking about Wlad "failing big tests", has been undefeated for the past 7 years and has easily disposed of anyone put in front of him. He absolutely toyed with Brewster in the rematch. You clearly don't know jack shit about boxing comparing Wlad to Virgil Hill. You're just another pussy American that can't stand the fact that Eastern Euros are dominating the heavyweight division. Compare Vitali's performance vs Lewis to Holyfield's and you'll see whose better

  2. Ah yes, the infamous Anonymous. Either way, thanks for your opinion, hoever flawed. Virgil Hill also went undefeated for many years but failed when faced with a real test (Thomas Hearns, RJJ, and damn the verdict--Lou Del Valle).

    And yes, a prime Vitali vs. a soon to be retired Lewis was much better than Holyfield's gift vs. the Englishman.

    In his prime, Holyfield owns both Klitschko's. I dare you to dispute that result.


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