Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paul Williams: Odd Man Out

Who will fight Paul WIlliams?

Paul Williams won a bizarre, WWE-type victory over contender Kermit Cintron when both fighter's feet tangled and Cintron was injured when he fell out of the ring.

But unfortunately for Williams, he is the odd man out.

Prior tot he unexpected ending the fight was a ho-hum affair. Fighters like Williams must understand that they must take more risks than the average fighter to demand the top fights. After Williams was awarded the decision, he called out all the right fighters: Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and a rematch with middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.

The first 2 are the most popular names in combat sports today. And the 3rd pick is not interested in such a rematch. Where does Paul go from here?

Money wise, since the listed opponents are not in the immediate future, Williams' best and riskiest reward is to go to Europe and dominate the European contenders in the middleweight division and possibly force the older Martinez to defend the title. It's hard to imagine Williams not being weight-drained at losing to Pacquiao or Mayweather since he has been fighting at higher weights the past few fights.

For Williams, the odds, at least for now, are against him.

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