Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fedor: Still the #1 MMA Fighter

Get to know Fedor the fighter; Fedor the man.

Fedor: Still the #1 MMA Fighter

Making the case for Fedor Emeliananeko as the best Pound-for-pound MMA Fighter has been somewhat of a challenge lately. You can either blame it on the dirty business of fight politics or on the Fedor. Either way, Fedor is the one who is left criticized.
And without making this a case against Fedor, let’s see why he is the best MMA fighter, P4P today. And the amazing thing is, you can thank the other two fighters for helping vault him to his oft challenged status.

In last night’s fight, Anderson Silva, as dominant an MMA fighter as you will ever see, won yet another dominant decision against a tough contender, Damian Maia.But he looked less than stellar in doing it. Less stellar, in fact, than George St. Pierre’s stale win over peacocked Englishman, Dan Hardy.

And before the brief argument is made for Fedor, let’s keep in mind that the mythical P4P title is made up of the most recent fight as well as the entire career of the fighter. It was originally coined for Sugar Ray Robinson, though he was a rare combination of flash and substance, even if he never fought Charley Burley.

Fedor has been undefeated in his last 11 fights, with a No Contest over a fighter he already beat (and would beat again), #2 All-Time HW, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera—a fighter who has seen his best days. Silva has not lost in 12 fights and St. Pierre, his last 7 have been wins. Fedor’s last win was a 2nd round KO of undefeated, heavy handed Brett Rogers. Silva held on to his lead in ugly fashion by running away from Maia after putting on a dominant and entertaining display, only to fade. St. Pierre won a dominant decision over Hardy but could not close the show.

And this is what, thus far, has separated Fedor from the pack. It's really that simple.

Fedor always fights to win and to win big. He does not coast to wins. He has yet to show lethargy in a fight. Whether or not he gets to prove it against the UFC’s top heavyweights now is up to Fedor, the UFC, and M-1, MMA’s version of Don King, Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions. Let’s hope they all do right by the fans.

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