Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jamaica's Fountain of Youth

After all these years ...

Jamaica's own "Gentleman" Glen Johnson continued to marvel fans and critics as he scored an 8th round TKO of perennial contender Allan "Sweetness" Green and confirmed a place in the Super Six semi-finals as Green is left to re-evaluate his career.

Johnson, who has fought at the elite level for the last 13 years, proved he is a threat at either 168 or 175 lbs. as the 41-year-old marvel dug and scrapped an 8th-round TKO over Green dropping and forcing a referee stoppage after downing Green with two right hands. It's a good thing too, as the judges were well on their way to giving The Road Warrior  an umpteenth shaft on the scorecards.

Interestingly, if Johnson can win the Super Six, or at least be competitive--which is his repertoire--and if Bernard Hopkins can score an upset over light heavyweight Ring champ, Jean Pascal, Johnson may be in line for a revenge fight against the only man to stop him by next year.

Will it be a fight that can be sold to the public is too far in the future to predict. But until then, Johnson has time to return to Jamaica and rejuvenate.

Too Many Wars for Marquez

No way does a fighter like Rafael Marquez have three wars with Israel Vasquez, back to back to back no less, and emerge the same fighter. Against a younger, faster fighter like Juan Manuel Lopez Marquez realized that he cannot go on forever.

Though the fight ended after the 8th round (both Green and Marquez got the proverbial 8-ball last night) due to a shoulder injury suffered by Marquez, he was getting beat to the punch all night, while occasionally catching counter hooks from Marquez.

The guess here is that though a rematch is viable, so is a huge upset or, more realistically, a cut eye, a possibility which could derail a mega fight with Cuban champion Yuriorkis Gamboa. Unless Juanma tightens his defense, Gamboa is faster and hits just as hard and could catch a mid-round KO.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brock Rocked by Cain

The new UFC HW Champion ... for now

Cain Velasquez survived Brock Lesnar's initial offensive onslaught and pummeled the UFC behemoth to win the UFC HW title. Fedor, where art thou?

As expected, Brock immediately bore in for the takedown. The difference is that Cain has similar wrestling credentials and was able to transition back to his feet. Once on the feet, Brock's lack of a strong stand up game cost him dearly as he was dropped each time he was cleanly hit. Cain is not an alleged juiced up Shane Carwin; he does not let up. He picked his shots and made sure to hit Brock fast and furious when he had him down, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight as Brock face was a crimson mask.

Next up for Cain is heavy handed Brazilian, Junior Dos Santos. The guess here is that if t remains on the feet Junior gets the ko. But if he can get Junior down, he can either submit him or pummel his way to a victory.

We shall see.

Can Junior prove to be senior on the feet?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Will Brock Smash Puny Cain?

Or will Cain make MMA History? (

Cain Velasquez will have a chance to make MMA history and become the first Mexican-American heavyweight champion in MMA and possibly, combat history, this Saturday at UFC 121.

But in his way stands MMA's version of Marvel's green Hulk. Former WWE superstar/champion, Brock Lesnar, has smashed his way into MMA superstardom. He is, bar none, the main money maker in MMA. He has smashed 2 of his last 3 opponents. Even his first name denotes destruction. However, for a big smasher, his stand up is brutish, at best.

And this is the department where the smaller Cain may bring forth his wrath (now you know that was going to be used). As Cheick Kongo showed, Cain's standup is not the greatest, but compared to Brock's 1800's bar-room style stance, Cain is Muhammad Ali. Cain will need to use his strength and wrestling ability, which is overshadowed by Brock's, in order to stay off the mat and keep the fight standing. That is his only chance as he has not shown any exceptional jiu-jitsu holds. So far, all but one of Cain's wins have been by stoppage.

Unless Cain surprises on, and especially off the ground , look for Brock to rock a 3-round unanimous decision.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Prince" Naseem Hamed vs. "The Neo Samurai" Genki Sudo

I almost forgot I had this video I made a few years ago to fit the "Boxing Meets MMA" theme. Sadly, the original music I used, C & C Music Factory's "Sweat" and Ini Kamoze's "Hotstepper" could not be used (thank you faltering record labels for diminishing any FREE promotion).

For my money, Sudo was an all-around fighter who sought out the best competition. Either way, their ring entrances and fighting styles were unique and fan pleasing. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

James Kirkland's Last Shot?

For more:

As per, James Kirkland was released on 9/30/10 from prison for probation violation ahead of schedule and is being allowed to continue his boxing career.

Kirkland has been one of boxing's best prospects for almost a decade. He is still relatively young but his boxing age is getting older and his convictions are getting old. Here's to hoping that Kirkland uses this last chance to make the most of a promising fighting career. Here's to hoping that the rage that makes him great in the ring doesn't destroy him outside of it, ala Mike Tyson, Ike Ibeabuchi and Harry Simon, to name a few.

All the talent in the world could not help Harry Simon reach his boxing zenith.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mir The End?

If ever there was a crossroads fight this year in the UFC, this is it. Frank Mir cannot afford to lose to hot and cold UFC KO artist, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovich this Saturday night. Cro Cop can afford to lose as long as it's spectacularly. Cro Cop is the striker and nearly all his wins are exciting. Mir, on the other hand, wins mostly on submission (which is why his KO over Big Nog was surprising to say the least) and loses by devastating KO.

The Funny Money Only Picks are:
Cro Cop KO 2 Mir
Bader W3 Nogueira
Lytle W3 Serra

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Dominant Dilemma: The Mighty Klitschko Brothers

Which is king?

Recently, Vitali Klitschko--arguably the better of the two Klitschko's, Wladimir being the other--said that his little brother's achievements are on par with that of Muhammad Ali.

No, really, he did. And probably with a straight face.

Let's get the facts straight and leave country, favoritism, and emotion aside. Neither Klitschko has ever been or ever will be in Ali's league. Not even close. As a matter of fact, they are not in a prime Evander Holyfield or Mike Tyson's league.

Now before people say that Tyson was an overhyped never-was, let's quickly examine these fighters.

Tyson came on the scene like a whirlwind and never toyed with his opponents. He always went for win via KO, even the post-prison version who fought solely for the money. He is the youngest ever to win the heavyweight title and, unfortunately the youngest to lose it. And other than his biggest disgrace, Bite Fight, Tyson never quit in the ring.

Vitali, who will claim a better legacy than his little brother, can make greater claims than those he made for his little brother. Vitali has only lost twice in his career. He quit due to a shoulder injury versus the smaller more elusive Chrsi Byrd; a heavyweight no one could beat except a prime Ike Ibeabuchi. Ironically, his last defeat was to heavyweight great Lennox Lewis, via a much protested doctor's stoppage. Vitali has also been a great big brother and disposed of fighters who had the audacity to beat his little brother (barring Lamont Brewster).

This is not to knock Wladimir who has had, to date, a very respectable ring career. But comparing him to past greats is just wrong. Walidimir does not have the same chin his brother possesses. Some things in the gene pools are not equally distributed. Wlaidimir, like big brother, earned a Ph. D. in Sports Science. Both have been great ambassadors to the sporting world, especially in the world of combat sports.

But in the end, Wladimir may be compared to Virgil Hill (former light heavyweight titlist), a dominant, overly cautious fighter who made many defenses but failed when presented big tests. Not Ali worthy in the slightest.
Ali: A far reach for today's heavyweights

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mayweather's Next Move?

Does Mayweather Know What's Next?
Assuming Manny Pacquiao gets by Antonio "Thank you Bob Arum and Jerry Jones" Margarito in his usual explosive fashion on November 13, and Floyd Mayweather returns from his relaxing vacation, the question will be: What will Mayweather do now?

We already know of Pacquiao's political duties in his native country, Philippines.

But what about Mayweather?

Many doubts have been raised regarding the meltdown of negotiations to making the fight as well as Mayweather's decision to go on vacation shortly thereafter. But once he returns his vision should be clear. Is Mayweather waiting for Pac-Man to be tenderized? Is he waiting to see if Pacquaio still wants to negotiate?

Or is Mayweather waiting for Pacquiao to be beaten?

Either way, the sizzle to their superfight has fizzled. But if there is one fighter (along with a certain promoter--Don King) who can reignite the public's imagination in this fight, it is Mayweather. Unless, of course, he is unsure of what's next.

What will they think of next?

Should Fans Boycott Pacquiao vs. Margarito?

WHY is this fight being approved??

Normally, banning fights is not something combat sport fans do when they like a fighter. But in this case an exception should be made. And though Manny Pacquiao cannot be blamed 100% for this infraction, at least 50% should go to him. He should have demanded that his promoter, Bob Arum, either choose another fighter from his stable or another fighter altogether. Not one who was literally and figuratively caught red handed, but has yet to admit to what would have been felonious assault.

Unless Pacquiao is giving Juan Manuel Marquez a 3rd shot in the ring, no other fight--except against a smaller Timothy Bradley--no other fighter less than Floyd Mayweather Jr. should be entertained.

Give the fans what they want or watch the fans turn their backs. This fight is a bigger farce than James Toney vs Randy Couture.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adamek and Feijao Win Big

Are the Klitschko's in Adamek's future?
Former light-heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek won yet again in New Jersey against former heavyweight title challenger Michael Grant. So now the question all boxing fans want to know: Are the Klitschko's in Adamek's future?

While Adamek should get all the credit in the world for his huge leap in weight and for fighting like a champion there is one fighter Adamek should fight to test his box office appeal. A European showdown against David Haye, a fighter more his size and speed. Let's face it, if either Klitschko was hurts Adadmek the way Grant did, they would not let him off the hook. Yes, Grant is big and strong, but his punch output is not as fluid as either Klitschko (Wladimir's a bit smoother than Vitali) which is why he lost the unanimous decision.

Either way, when Adamek fights, fans would be foolish not to tune in. He's what the heavyweight division needs until a dominant heavyweight appears.

Strikeforce's New Middleweight King

Strikeforce, meet your new middlleweight ruler ... for now.
Rafael "Feijao" Calvacante successfully took the middleweight title from cocky, soon-to-be-ex champ, Mohammed "King Mo" Lawal via 3rd-round TKO. "Feijao" never showed any fear in striking with Lawal and was never dominated on the ground. The end came when he landed a knee to Lawal's jaw, who was digging crippling hooks to the body, and then rained elbows on a spent and hurt Lawal.
Next up could be a possible rematch with Lawal or a match with ratings-friendly Robbie Lawler.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pascal Cuts, Defeats Dawson

Nigel Collins (far left), Editor in Chief of The Ring Magazine,  holds the belt that its new champ, Jean Pascal, would win over Chad Dawson.

Dawson was not "Bad" in his Canadian debut against popular Quebec fighter Pascal. But Pascal was not as explosive as usual. When either fighter appeared hurt, the opposing fighter would back off.

From the outset, Dawson looked to control the fight with his jab while Pascal would throw overhand right with mixed results while throwing flurries to end the round. In the fateful 11th round, Dawson once again appeared to have Pascal ready for the taking and was pouring it on when their heads collided, causing a nasty gash to Dawson's right eye causing the doctor to stop the fight. The late Arturo Gatti made a career from kayoing opponents with at least both eyes cut. For Dawson, who appeared visibly upset by the stoppage, there would be no chance for such a miraculous comeback.

Neither fighter looked particularly impressive but both fighters, and you can add Lucian Bute's name in the mix, need to watch out for Tavoris Cloud, who never stops throwing mean punches.

A dark Cloud looms over the light heavyweight division.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Toney vs. Couture: Excitement Versus Effectiveness


A python kills a crocodile using its body to suffocate the life out of it. A tiger kills a crocodile using it claws and teeth to bleed/maim it to death. Both methods are extremely effective. But which is more entertaining?

Since the Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas fight was scrapped by the ever-persistent king of promoters, Don King, the James Toney vs Randy Couture fight seems to be one of the truest forms of Boxing Meets MMA (or Boxers Meet Mix Martial Artists). One is a decorated warrior who has reached the zenith of the boxing world. Toney was once a svelte middleweight who was atop the mythical and popular pound-for pound ratings. He was immortalized in an old Sega Genesis game featuring Legends of The Ring. He was also a true multi-division champion who fought the best competition and usually won.

In the other corner, Couture has lived a life few other combatants can compare, except the truly elite superstars. He has suffered MMA's highs and its lows. He has upset, been upset and came back to do it again. He does have one-up on Toney. In addition to the accolades in entertainment, Couture is also a movie star. Both Toney and Couture have ruled their respective sports at one time or another. Now, they both look to help fuel PPV buys (though, deservedly, Toney deserves much more credit in the hype department).

Make no mistake about it: They are both Hall of Fame fighters in their respective sports who are well past their primes. But maybe this will make the fight more of an event.

When Muhammad Ali met Antonio Inoki in a ring, he was in his boxing gear and Inoki was kicking him from the ground, where it stayed for the dull remainder of the spectacle. But times have changed and economics is king. Toney will leave the friendly confines of the ring for a cage, though Couture would probably be as comfortable in a ring, so long as UFC rules apply.

No one who has ever fought can question the effectiveness of a choke or any other limb-altering technique. Now for the question of excitement; the UFC answers this. Strikes are much more celebrated. Look at their past and present promos. Other than a slam or choke, knockouts are the highlight reel.

Say what you will about Toney and Dana White, but you better include their ability to sell a fight. People who know boxing and know Toney is near, if not past the end of his winning days, still want to see this fight. MMA fans who have seen Couture rise only to fall (rinse and repeat) also want to see this fight.

MMA fans are already certain of the outcome: Couture will do a double leg, take Toney down, and either ground and pound him or submit him. Either way the referee will have to save Toney.

Boxing fans are sure that Toney will catch Couture coming in and turn the lights out. The one thing boxing fans are failing to realize is that Couture can miss a takedown or two, Toney cannot afford to miss any punches. Couture has been punched and kicked in a fight whereas Toney has only had to worry about the hands. Toney has been grossly out of shape in boxing for a few years whereas Couture is always in top shape. Toney will have to at least learn the sprawl whereas Couture just needs to stay away on the feet.

All these advantages are for Couture. Even the excitement level belongs to the "old man." Even in his losses, he is exciting. Toney was once a fighter who talked trash and backed it up with his boxing prowess. But that was once upon a time. Maybe Couture can bring the animal out of Toney. It will be interesting to see if Toney becomes a helpless crocodile if he falls to the clutches of Couture or if he becomes a ravenous tiger fighting for its life against a python.

One thing combat fans can be sure of is that the build up, the entrance and walk, and the verbal assault from Toney, and the first few minutes (if it lasts that long) will be exciting even if the ending is anticlimactic.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lesnar Taps Carwin

And still ...

He survived the WWE and Vince McMahon. He survived a life-threatening medical condition which prevented him from eating for 13 days (though he still weighed in at 256 lbs.). And at UFC 116, Brock Lesnar not only survived a 1st-round beatdown by undefeated Shane Carwin, he came back to choke out Carwin in the 2nd. The WWE is starting to look more and more like a distant memory.

Lesnar used his ground game and heart to make Carwin tap. He will need to tighten up his defense on the feet against a fighter like Junior Dos Santos. But since there is no Fedor Emelianenko or Fabricio Werdum in the UFC, his reign may last a while as long as the fight remains on the canvas.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Death of an Emperor: Fedor Beaten

Former Pride FC fighter and UFC contender, Fabricio Werdum

Not as shocking as Buster Douglas ko'ing Mike Tyson, but this was very impressive as Werdum won the fight without throwing a punch and catching a few. He became a python on the Russian bear and submitted Fedor and made him tap.

Rematch anyone?

Now if Brock Lesanr loses next week, Dana White may be The Ultimate Loser.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Andre Ward vs. Allan Green

Photo by Tom Casino

Green needs to come out fast and make a statement. Ward needs to do the same. Throughout his career, Green has shown the better one punch power. But Ward has respectable power and superb boxing skills. Will his chin hold up to Green's power? The guess here is that he will be able to avoid any bombs and win a comfortable decision.

FunnyMoneyOnly Pick: Ward W 12 Green

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Franklin Aces Liddell

I stated here, more than a year ago, that Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, should retire. A KO loss does not mean retire. But when  a fighter gets knocked out viciously by every fighter he loses to, and the fighter has never been destroyed in that fashion it's time for that fighter to be retired.

Liddell not only loses by KO, his chin has been triggered to be put to sleep. It happens to most fighters who brawl and takes punches.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

From UFC to A-Team to ... WWE?

More on

The WWF, now WWE, was always a guilty pleasure for many adolescent males. Who can forget men built like super heroes who exhibited comic book dialogue and death defying action? Of course, once the veil was lifted and the action was known to be scripted, it quickly became a novelty and combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, and now, MMA become much more widely respected.

And, as of late, a few of the elite stars of WWE have used their wrestling experience and personality, as a bridge to MMA. Former boxing heavyweight stars have used 'rassling as a form of needed income for decades. And though it used to hold a stigma of shame for once great champions it now is a way to attract new fans. Just look at non-heavyweight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson serious about a transition from UFC to WWE? What's next Vince McMahon vs. Dana White, with the loser having to forfeit a fighter to the other's promotion?

Say it ain't so, Jackso (tongue in cheek).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cotto Stops Foreman

For more:

Miguel Cotto used superior firepower and footwork to beat Yuri Foreman and win the WBA 154 lb. version of the title Saturday night/Sunday morning at the new Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. Cotto looked in command though he still left doubt about his punishment level and ferocity. There is little doubt that Foreman would have lasted the 8th round against a finisher like Manny Pacquiao or Arthur Abraham; Cotto used to be that kind of fighter.

Let's see if Sergio Martinez will be next. Alfredo Angulo may be the riskiest proposition right now, though.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Neighborhood Gyms Reduce Teen Violence

By: Alexia Krause

Teens growing up in troubled neighborhoods often find themselves drawn into seedy situations against their will. Whether it is peer pressure or a feeling of despair for the future, many of today's youth fall prey to the allures of gangs, violence, and drugs. One of the most effective ways to circumvent this calamity is by making sure these kids stay active in after-school programs.

One of the best activities for children and teens to participate in are the fitness programs held in their schools or local gyms. There are neighborhood fitness centers like these all across the nation. Their success stories never cease to inspire. Whether it is boxing, basketball, or badminton, studies have shown that after-school activities greatly reduce violence and crime rates among teens.

Programs like ones organized by Horace Bryant at the Fourth Street Youth Boxing Gym in Minnesota are perfect examples of the preventive power of these clubs. Bryant saw the trouble that teens in his neighborhood were getting in to, and wanted to make a difference. That's why he coordinated his youth outreach program with the owners of his local gym.
Take a look at the case of a young man named Chris Watson. Chris was involved in trouble with the law ever since he was 14 years old. He was arrested multiple times, dropped out of school in 2007, and was even charged with a felony. Watson stated that he would have likely continued down the bleak path he was on if it weren't for this local boxing program in Rochester, Minnesota.

"I just had nothing to do back in the day; I wasn't working," Watson said. "I had so many friends I didn't know what to do with and they were always doing something illegal or something fun. Ever since I met Horace, going to the gym is what I look forward to everyday. I can't wait to get off work and go boxing." Bryant not only helped Watson with his training, but also helped him get a job. Chris, now 21, is studying to complete his GED, and hopes to someday inspire kids the way that Bryant inspired him and saved him from the streets.

Gyms and stories like this exist all over the nation. It is incredibly important to support programs like these. These organizations improve the lives of the children enrolled in it, while at the same time decreasing rates of crime and violence in their surrounding neighborhoods. Unfortunately, due to the recent recession, much of the funding to these programs via state and federal grants have been slashed. Often times these gyms depend on donations to purchase MMA gloves to help them prepare for matches. That is why it is so vital to recognize how crucial these programs are to our communities around the nation, and the world.

Alexia has a true enthusiasm for writing articles related to mixed martial arts and fitness. As a result, she joined up with MMA Industries- retailers of highly popular MMA clothing and MMA shirts. Alexia has been blogging about the latest trends in MMA equipment for the past few years, and continues to provide you with the latest news in the MMA universe.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vitali Klitschko Vanquishes Sosnowski

And it only took him 10 rounds. Now bring on Euro-can No. 2 please.

Winners and Losers of UFC 114

Remember to bet with FunnyMoneyOnly!

RampageW3 Evans
Rashad looked more vulnerable than dominant in his last fight versus Thiago Silva. Quinton has had a long layoff and unless he's over trained, his experience should get him the nod.

BispingW3 Miller
If Dan possessed a harder punch, he would be picked over Michael for the count.

DufeeKO1 Russow
As much hype (and he has the record to back it up) as Todd has, you'd think that after getting past Mike Fedor would be next. Oh wait, that was supposed to be Brock Lesnar.

NogueiraW3 Brilz
Jason is competent enough to lose a decision to Lil' Nog.

And for Boxing:

Vitali Klitschko KO5 Albert Sosnowski
If the Klitschko's are to be compared to past greats, they need to close the show the way the past greats did. This is the only way a clear assessment can be made.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Art of the Undercard

Todays' undercards resembles this ...

With the recent announcement of Floyd Mayweather's bout with Shane Mosley bringing in 1.4 million PPV buys, it begged the question as to what do fans will remember most: the main event or the fact that the main event was not too exciting?

While not meaning to put a damper to this upbeat news to an ever-dying sport, it reminded this writer of a solid card more than a decade ago that produced a great fight and a future boxing star in separate bouts. That fight was in 1997. The main event featured a promising contender in David Tua defending his undefeated record against an unbeaten, and unknown Ike Ibeabuchi. The two produced an instant classic and set a then record for the most punches thrown in a heavyweight bout. While neither fighter reached boxing's zenith (Tua lost a UD against Lennox Lewis and Ibeabuchi is currently in prison until, maybe, 2012) they both were heavily sought after fighters who delivered the goods.

On that undercard, a young Fernando Vargas fought as well. Fast forward to Mayweather-Mosley, a PPV fight, and tell me who fought on the undercard? Take your time. Okay, how about Mannny Pacquiao's fight against Joshua Clottey. Any fighters on that undercard that have you ready to tune in next time? Unless I read your mind wrong, I didn't think so.

Promoters like Arum and Golden Boy really need to stop ripping the fans off. And networks like CBS and HBO need to stop buying these pitiful undercards. Undercards used to be about building stars. Now, they are merely a platform for protecting records and promoting fighters of an ethnic and religious background, irregardless of their promising skill and excitement value.

Here's a suggestion which may fall to deaf ears and averted eyes: Instead of going the Hollywood route and reusing the same old names, how about giving some no-names a chance to make a name? Start off the undercard with two undefeated, knockout -minded  WHATEVER WEIGHT (either a heavyweight or a weight in which the main event fighter may one day be mentioned with the no-name winner).

Then feature an undefeated Olympic/amateur standout who's skills make him a should be champ. Then, time permitting, an undefeated, KO-streaking heavyweight, followed by the main event. Other than the starts of the show, this should not be too expensive, if, at all. Unless there are 10 Pacquiao's and 9 Mayweathers there needs to be a few plan B's and C's in place. In the beginning, MMA took off by not relying on heels or heroes. Boxing needs to promote fighters based on potential and not just based on attitude or ethnicity. In the long run, all boxers will benefit and networks will no choice but to broadcast to a broader audience.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paul Williams: Odd Man Out

Who will fight Paul WIlliams?

Paul Williams won a bizarre, WWE-type victory over contender Kermit Cintron when both fighter's feet tangled and Cintron was injured when he fell out of the ring.

But unfortunately for Williams, he is the odd man out.

Prior tot he unexpected ending the fight was a ho-hum affair. Fighters like Williams must understand that they must take more risks than the average fighter to demand the top fights. After Williams was awarded the decision, he called out all the right fighters: Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and a rematch with middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.

The first 2 are the most popular names in combat sports today. And the 3rd pick is not interested in such a rematch. Where does Paul go from here?

Money wise, since the listed opponents are not in the immediate future, Williams' best and riskiest reward is to go to Europe and dominate the European contenders in the middleweight division and possibly force the older Martinez to defend the title. It's hard to imagine Williams not being weight-drained at losing to Pacquiao or Mayweather since he has been fighting at higher weights the past few fights.

For Williams, the odds, at least for now, are against him.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayweather Defeats Mosley (and this blogger)

And still ...

Floyd Mayweather survived two huge right hands then and took the Sugar out Shane Mosley and gave another virtuoso performance.

Kudos, to Mayweather.

Now for Manny Pacquiao ...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Will Mosley Beat Mayweather?

The smart money for Saturday's main event is on Money, Floyd Mayweather that is.

But when you truly analyze it when has Sugar Shane Mosley not fought to win? When has he accepted defeat? While the guess is that Mayweather will elude Mosley long enough to hear his hand raised, the pick here is that Mosley will give it his all, as usual, and win a hard-fought close decision. End result: Mosley W12 Mayweather.

As always, bet with funny money.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Will Tomasz Adamek KO Cristobal Arreola

Adamek's power and speed are real but so is Arreola's chin. Which will prevail?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dana White more Vince McMahon than Don King

Is this good or bad for the sport of MMA?

Fedor: Still the #1 MMA Fighter

Get to know Fedor the fighter; Fedor the man.

Fedor: Still the #1 MMA Fighter

Making the case for Fedor Emeliananeko as the best Pound-for-pound MMA Fighter has been somewhat of a challenge lately. You can either blame it on the dirty business of fight politics or on the Fedor. Either way, Fedor is the one who is left criticized.
And without making this a case against Fedor, let’s see why he is the best MMA fighter, P4P today. And the amazing thing is, you can thank the other two fighters for helping vault him to his oft challenged status.

In last night’s fight, Anderson Silva, as dominant an MMA fighter as you will ever see, won yet another dominant decision against a tough contender, Damian Maia.But he looked less than stellar in doing it. Less stellar, in fact, than George St. Pierre’s stale win over peacocked Englishman, Dan Hardy.

And before the brief argument is made for Fedor, let’s keep in mind that the mythical P4P title is made up of the most recent fight as well as the entire career of the fighter. It was originally coined for Sugar Ray Robinson, though he was a rare combination of flash and substance, even if he never fought Charley Burley.

Fedor has been undefeated in his last 11 fights, with a No Contest over a fighter he already beat (and would beat again), #2 All-Time HW, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera—a fighter who has seen his best days. Silva has not lost in 12 fights and St. Pierre, his last 7 have been wins. Fedor’s last win was a 2nd round KO of undefeated, heavy handed Brett Rogers. Silva held on to his lead in ugly fashion by running away from Maia after putting on a dominant and entertaining display, only to fade. St. Pierre won a dominant decision over Hardy but could not close the show.

And this is what, thus far, has separated Fedor from the pack. It's really that simple.

Fedor always fights to win and to win big. He does not coast to wins. He has yet to show lethargy in a fight. Whether or not he gets to prove it against the UFC’s top heavyweights now is up to Fedor, the UFC, and M-1, MMA’s version of Don King, Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions. Let’s hope they all do right by the fans.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: The $30 Million Drug Test

The stakes were raised recently for Pacquiao's mega-fight versus undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. when trainer and ESPN2 commentator Teddy Atlas recently brought more allegations to light during a recent Friday Nigh Fights telecast.

Fitness Jiu Jitsu