Friday, June 5, 2009

"Funny Money Only" Picks of the Week

Strikeforce on Showtime

Strikeforce Weigh-in Results:
Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Shields
Look for Shields to control the ground game better and t=for that to be the difference as he takes a hard-earned decision. Shields W3 Lawler

Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith
Diaz too versatile for hard-nosed Smith. Diaz Sub2 Smith

Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers
Arlovski has the more polished hands but Rogers may have the better beard, and that will be the difference. Rogers KO2 Arlovski

Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead
Randleman's comeback continues with a decision win against former TUF participant. Randleman W3 Whitehead

Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs
Baroni edges out Rigs in a battle of shopworn warriors. Baroni W3 Riggs

Sunday, May 31, 2009

UFC's DREAM Opponent?

Now that Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva hold the light heavyweight and middleweight titles respectively there are clamors of a viable opponent for the both, seemingly indestructible opponents. Now, both have stated that they will never fight each though the business of the fight game has a way of changing things. But until that time who else is there to bring a serious challenge to either?

That man may very well be Gegard Mousasi.

Mousasi, who has been having wild success in Japan's DREAM organization, has solid ground skills and excellent striking skills. He has been submitted only two times yet he has no fear of fighting any style. He has recently said he will be moving up in weight so Silva may not be in his immediate sights.

Which bring us to the very hard to beat, the "Pernell Whitaker of MMA" with heavier hands, Street Fighter's Ryu come-to-life, Machida. Machida is only exciting when he is on the offensive. However, like Whitaker, he loves to make you miss then, and only then, will he look to exact punishment for the audacity of attempting a strike and missing. Rashad Evans found out the hard way that if you dance with the devil he will bedazzle you. If you come at him too aggressively, he will strike like a rattle snake. So what makes Mousasi's chances any better than Evans, as well rounded an MMA fighter as they come?

Mousasi cherishes a challenge. He has a solid chin and excellent power. He does not rely on wrestling and brings the fight with educated hands and strong leg kicks. His motive is to bring the pain systematically. He does not wait for his opponent. Boxers who tried the dancing game with Whitaker always lost. Those who simply bore in with punches always lost. It took a fighter with power, skill and will, even at a late age (Felix Trinidad) to best Whitaker.

Luckily for Machida, Mousasi is only a few years younger in experience and in age. Mousasi has the right moxy needed for a patient striker like Machida. Whether or not he will be able to implement it in a fight is something 15 others have failed to do against Machida. Hopefully, MMA fans will not have to wait for the dirty business that has so eroded boxing in order to find that out in spite of rival promoters/organizations.

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