Saturday, January 31, 2009

UFC 94 Results

UFC 94: Some 0's Had To Go

Diaz Loses to Judges and Fans; Guida Given Decision

Well, this writer continually proves why "funny money" is better to use than real money; especially in this recession. In the first fight of the night, Nate Diaz was "outpointed" by Clay Guida--even though he attempted every submission.

In usual fashion, Guida came fuming out and bullied Diaz to win the first round by smothering Diaz and landing knees to the face as well as a perfect body slam to punctuate the round. Diaz came out in the 2nd round just as defiant and Guida came out just as aggressive. But this time it was stuffed as Diaz controlled Guida's clinches and scored 4 throws as well as attempted a few kimura's on Guida, whose sole offense was holding on to Diaz' back. Diaz won the round and knew it.

Diaz came out the next round and won the first half of the round decisively with his boxing technique, landing his left jab and straight right on Guida's face. Guida, sensing he may get clocked and stopped, attached his body to Diaz's body like a magnet and attempted a few throws. The last half of the bout much like the second, complete with Diaz throwing Guida to the mat with his superior jiu jitsu. However, the judges disagreed, much to the fans delight.

Parisyan Edges Kim

In the next fight, Kim Parisyan met South Korean superstar Dong Hyun Kim and was outmaneuvered in the first round by the Korean judo expert. In the second, Parisyan came out with renewed vigor, almost as if he was past the first-round stage fright and dominated the round on the ground and on the feet. With yet another fight with the fight hanging in the balance, Kim and Parisyan decided to play joust without ever getting close enough to hurt each other. And once again, the undefeated fighter suffered, though in this case it was not as controversial as the Diaz verdict.

Jones Upsets Bonnar

With a record of 0-2 for the night, would the third fight be the charm?

Nope. Not even close.

In the middle of the first round, a roundhouse elbow by Jones hit Bonnar on the back of the head and it dropped Bonnar on his face/forehead. Jones dominated the rest of the round by landing a knee and taking him down at the end of the round.

Jones continued his dominant manner against a fighter in Bonnar who seemed confused as to what to do against a younger fighter who countered everything Bonnar attempted. Jones continued to use lateral movement to avoid Bonnar's wild strike and his Greco-Roman wrestling skills to throw and maneuver Bonnar on the inside. With the third round a mere formality for the younger Jones, Bonnar continued his aggressive forward movement and landed inside punches all over Jones. At the halfway mark, Bonnar attempted a throw on Jones and Jones reversed it and landed on top of Bonnar. With a minute left in the fight, Bonnar and Jones, both clearly exhausted, seemed to make a silent pact where they would make it look good without going all out. For Jones, it was a act he could live with.

Machida Marches Toward Title Shot

As far as fourth time being the charm, Machida came through.

Machida, a calculating fighter with great striking skills and unsurpassed grappling skills, along with some refined English skills, completely destroyed a previously undefeated fighter. Machida, who reminds this writer of a prime Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, has an impenetrable defense and an offense that only a karate master can deliver.

Stay away from Machida and he'll pick you apart with kicks and punches. Grapple with him and he'll throw you on the ground with utter disdain, then mount, dominate and decimate.

At the end of the 1st round, a round in which Machida had already dropped Silva with punches, Machida threw Silva on the ground, then landed a left that KO'd Silva with zero seconds but but leaving the first loss on Sliva's record.

Ladies and gentlemen, Machida has arrived and is here to stay. Rashad Evans is on notice and hungry.

GSP Destroys Penn

Following the first kayo of the night, GSP and BJ Penn paced themselves as neither fighter attempted any take downs and seemed content to pace themselves and test each others striking skills. GSP won the 1st round simply y out landing Penn.

In the 2nd, GSP go the first take down of the fight ... and DOMINATED the rest of the round. No, seriously, dominated. (End of paragraph)

The 3rd round featured more of the same as GSP got 2 more take downs and controlled the action throughout the round. Penn offered absolutely nothing in return.

The 4th round would prove to be the end as it became a rout with GSP grounding and pounding a totally beaten up Penn. Penn, a once legendary fighter who relished challenging the best, seemed to get old over night. He had absolutely NO answer to GSP aggression and the fight was stopped at the advice of the corner at the end of the round.

It's going to take a fighter with a hell of a wallop to unseat GSP.

"Funny Money Only" Picks of the Week (UFC 94)

This UFC will make up for the last dismal card.

Georges St. Pierre (170) vs. B.J. Penn (168)

You have to give credit to GSP. He gets KO'd by Matt Serra and wants a rematch. He barely beat Penn the first time and is looking forward to a rematch. Other than his chin, GSP reminds this writer of Evander Holyfield. Both relish challenges and invite a repeat. If GSP can avoid the ground game, look for him to narrowly beat Penn. If Penn can match his stand up with GSP, look for Penn to win by a choke.

My pick: GSP W5 Penn

Lyoto Machida (206) vs. Thiago Silva (206)

This may be the most intriguing card on the match as the main event, while a great one, is a rematch. Machida is a pure winner and Silva is a murderous puncher who has not been stretched in his brief, but dominant career. If this fight goes rounds, which it figures it will, look for Machida--a slow starter--to find his groove and win a comfortable, but not at all easy, decision. Look for Machida to avoid any typ of takedowns and look to stop Machida early.

--> Machida W3 Silva

Stephan Bonnar (206) vs. Jon Jones (206)

Jones is undefeated but untested. Bonnar has fought the best in the division and has always made it close. Unless Jones catches lightning in a bottle ...

Bonnar KO2 Jones

Karo Parisyan (170) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (171)

Parisyan is battle tested but Kim is hungry. Look for Kim to pull an upset and outwork Parisyan.

Kim W3 Parisyan

Nathan Diaz (156) vs. Clay Guida (156)

This one has fight of the night written all over it as both fighters will fight like their MMA life span depends on it. The younger Diaz will face his toughest challenge to date ... and pass. Guida is as tough as they come and that is exactly what Diaz will count on in order to bait him in and win.

Diaz Sub2 Guida

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