Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dirrell Robbed in Nottingham! Abraham Closer to Throne

A bitter sweet start to one of the most anticipated events in boxing ended mixed results.

First up, "King" Arthur Abraham came closer to being named king of the super middleweights with a matter-of-fact-1 punch KO of now routinely vicious KO victim and former undisputed middleweight champion, Jermain Taylor.

Gone was the future contender to all-time status, you know, the one who gave Bernard Hopkins a rough go-round twice, then said to hell with it, and risked it all against the always formidable Ronald "Winky" Wright--only to come out on top all three times.

It may have started with current MW champ Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik, but it definitely ended tonight with Abraham; his chance for greatness. Taylor has now graced the canvas like paint for the third time in less than three years. Time to hang them up, especially after the way he fought and lost to Arthur Abraham: by another one-punch kayo (right hand down the pipe).

Taylor assumes a familiar pose

As for Carl "Cobra, cause he's slippery like that" Froch vs. Andre Dirrell ... let's just say that Froch did a reverse Willie Pep. Instead of winning a round without throwing a punch, he won a fight in Nottingham without landing many punches compared to catching them. Only in the U.K.


3 Notes to Dirrell:

1) Learn how not to clinch like a scared woman

2) Learn to keep your balance when attempting to clinch

3) Learn how to lose your damned passport as robberies are high in Nottingham

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