Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mayweather Dominates Marquez; UFC 103 Results

Mayweather Regains P4P Status?

In his first fight back after almost 2 years being away, Floyd Mayweather lived up to his nickname by dominating the dangerous Juan Manuel Marquez and left the ring not much the worse for wear.

Mayweather, who came in @ 146 lbs., 2 pounds above the contracted weight, refused to make weight and paid $600,000 for his defiance. Much will, and it should, be made about the weight issue. Remember, this is what cost a third fight from happening between Jose Luis Castillo and the late Diego Corrales.

Marquez was dropped from a left hook by Mayweather in round 2. Any other fighter would have been broken down after that. But Marquez is a hall of fame fighter who was in over his head against a younger, stronger and faster fighter. The drums will now beat for the Manny Pacquiao - Miguel Cotto winner. Marquez is still headed to the hall.

UFC 103 Results (televised fights):

Vitor Belfort KO1 Rich Franklin
Vitor showed he will never lose the ability to finish a fight once he has his opponent hurt. Somewhere out there Gegard Moussasi is grinding his teeth.

Junior Dos Santos TKO3 Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic
CroCop has seeming lost the talent/will to win. He showed a good account of himself until he was repeatedly stalked and punched by the taller striker, Dos Santos. Dos Santos is now a serious contender in the HW division.

Paul Daley TKO1 Martin Kampmann
Daley, who has fast hands and isn't afraid to use them, makes a big splash in his UFC debut against favorite Kampmann

Josh Koscheck TKO1 Frank Trigg
Koscheck continues climb back to former status as he stops veteran Trigg.

Tyson Griffin KO2 Hermes Franca
Franca returns without the juice against Sean Sher's twin brother.

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