Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Fight Game's Summer Bummer

Usually, it's the mismatches and lack of quality opponents, as well as the alphabet belts corruption which disintegrates the fight games of boxing and MMA.

But recently, violent deaths, and not in the ring--if that comes as any relief--has been plaguing the sporting world of boxing. Steroids, has recently KO'd one of the most anticipated cards oft he summer: Affliction Trilogy.

It started with the death of Alexis Arguello, reportedly as a suicide (self-inflicted chest shot), which set off what has now become a chain of gruesome murders. Then, football player, Steve "Air" McNair, was found shot to death in his home by his lover. While the news was shocking, unfortunately there was more to come.

A week after McNair's death, it was reported that former boxing champion Arturo Gatti, had been found strangled to death in Brazil, with his wife the only suspect as of this writing. Two violent death of two boxing warriors in as many months. But just to be reminded that the summer is still here, along with unprecedented violence accompanying it, former world champion and Olympic competitor*, Vernon Forrest was gunned down in an attempted car jacking. And August has yet to come through.

With such a heavy burden to bear, fight fans were still looking to escape their normal routines, as well as the recent tragedies in the sporting world, with the only remedy combat sport brings: a good fight card to ease the emotional pain. But still, the pain grows worse.

Affliction, UFC's latest thorn, was picking up some steam by acquiring the best heavyweight since the heavily hyped Brock Lesnar. Fedor Emelianenko was poised to fight former pal Josh Barnett. But as has been the case in many MMA bouts, a fighter tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. The perp: Barnett. The result: cancelled card and many fighters feeling the chain reaction of one bozo move. If Barnett is indeed guilty, a message must be sent out to all fighters that this type of non-professionalism will not be tolerated.

While a fight card can be rescheduled, there can only be mourning and celebration of a lost life. For now, this is what many fans can expect to hear: A Final Ten Count for the fallen warriors.


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