Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Funny Money Only" Picks of the Week

Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson

(Lucky for Ace, Hendo's stand up does not come with knees included ala Anderson Silva. Franklin is the better stand up fighter though Henderson has the better ground game. A ground game goo enough versus a prime Antonio Nogueira. Tough to see Franklin best Henderson when it goes to the mat. Henderson by a close decision, even if he's passing his prime.)

Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Rua

(Battle of the octagon rust. Will go with the younger Rua, though the winner of this fight better not be good ol' injury.)

Alan Belcher vs Denis Kang

(The temptation is there to go with the more rugged Belcher, but Kang will bring his A game. If not, he'd better bring his pink slip for the UFC brass.)

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