Thursday, September 4, 2008

Young Lions Enter Lion's Den

As 2008 ends, two blasts from MMA's glorious past will be on full display once again. Randy "The Natural" Couture will meet one of the newest and biggest heavyweights in the octagon. But sadly, that man is not Fedor. After months of battling in court for the right to fight the consensus No. 1 Heavyweight in MMA, Couture must have lost the battle of the contract. He will now face former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar instead of a much talked about bout with Fedor. The polititricks of boxing meets mma.

Couture, who has beaten good big men before, will face one of the biggest; himself. He will be coming off a layoff of more than a year. His last fight was a win against dangerous heavyweight, Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga. Since then, Couture has remained busy filming a movie The Scorpion King 2 and going back and forth to court. Lesnar, on the contrary, has been beefing up his MMA experience by beating tough and worn, Heath Herring only one month ago. The massive Lesnar, whose neck is the size of an average thigh, will have a clear size advantage over the smaller, older Couture--who, at his age, has probably benefited from the long layoff.

The same cannot be said of the true UFC veteran, Ken Shamrock. Once a formidable opponent fro anyone in the cage, Shamrock is now coming into his fight with dangerous striker, Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson, with 5 consecutive defeats. The mismatching of boxing meets mma.

Kimbo, who narrowly escaped defeat against James Thompson in his last fight, has been given a gimme fight which should set up a more lucrative match (somewhere .Brett Rogers is fuming). Shamrock has not won a fight in 5 years. Also, his last 5 losses have been by ko. Who sanctioned this fight again?

Lesnar should give Couture all he could handle until Couture's experience smother's out Lesnar's strength. Shamrock should play the submission game because if he stands with Kimbo, he will be retired for good

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