Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Silvia and Anderson Silva


It has finally happened.

After years of beating the best heavyweight, Antonio Noguiera, during the PRIDE FC years, Fedor (his legacy in MMA is so strong that he goes on a first name basis) will face former UFC Heavyweight champion, 6' 8" Silvia.

"The Maineiac" will finally have a chance to erase his losses and shortcomings against the man who has been widely regarded as one of the best MMA fighters, ever. Yeah, Fedor has been that good.

Silvia, on the other hand, has not been as good as he should. He's a big heavyweight who relishes a challenge. He also comes from the grizzled Pat Miletich camp. Success has been looming over Silvia's head since he burst onto the scenen with a battering performance against stone-head Wes "Cabbage" Correira. He followed that performance with a stunning, and emphatic, 1st round kayo of then champion Ricco Rodriguez. Then the losses came.

He had his arm broken against Frank Mir, and then it got goofy. He lost to Andre Arlovski then beat him then lost to 43-year-old Randy Couture. And most recently he lost a fight he was winning against Noguiera.

But what should be a spotlight on a much needed heavyweight MMA fight, has been a bit soured by the both organizations. Affliction, the t-shirt company who is now branching along to promoting, has not learned from the Elite XC broadcast in May, featuring Kimbo. In addition to the superfight and a strong undercard, some of the theatrics from Elite XC are still available, such as live music. The recording industry truly must be reeling.

Does anyone remember KO Nation? HBO Boxing used this same formula to a whopping failure years ago. It's the fights fans buy tickets to see, not only live dancers and mainstream music artists.

And how about adding lighter fighters with pizazz? Oh, wait,that's exactly what the UFC has done. When the most popular person suddenly feels threatened, they become huge attention whores. And so, Affliction has indeed perched over the MMA fence that has been lined by the UFC, MMA's juggernaut.

On the same day, MMA pound-4-pound king, middleweight champion Anderson Silva, will go up in weight to face dangerous striker, James Irvin. And to add insult to profitable injury, it's on SpikeTV,whereas Affliction:Banned is on Pay-Per-View. The UFC's undercard is also better than Affliction's.


This, however, are the obstacles and rewards in a free enterprise. The only problem is that unlike EliteXC's debut, Affliction now has to compete with a Don of MMA organizations.

Fearless Prediction:

> Silvia loses on a 2nd-round submission

> Sliva KO's Irvin late in the first round (now, Machida or Thiago Silva or Forrest Griffin in a Can't Miss Fight)

> And Afflcition is added to the UFC's headache by selling out their event and showcasing a legendary fighter

... And in Boxing, Klitschko Declaws the Tiger

(By Karl Freitag / Photos:

Heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko continued hhis uninspired march through the heavyweight ranks with a fairly 11th-round, boring ko of American underdog Tony "The Tiger" Thompson.

In what appeared as a fairly interesting fight with two big heavyweights who possess a decent wallop in their fists, turned out to be a fight where the more talented fighter just got past the lesser talented fighter in the end. Thompson started strong and won the first round. Klitschko used his jab and straight right hand and was landing at will in the second, and a round in which both fighters were cut by a headbutt.

Unfortunately, neither Klitschko nor Thompson went all out in their assault to take the other's heart. By default, Klitschko, who was landing the harder shots throughout the fight, eventually began to wear down Thompson.

Thompson made one last stand, both literally and figuratively, after tripping and having Klitschko land on him. Unfortunately it was not enough and Kiltschko landed a straight right hand on a Thompson who was looking for a soft spot on the canvas.

Next up for Dr. Klitschko is 2004 Olympic gold medalist Aleksander Povetkin. Hopefully, Povetkin can time Klitschko when he wades in with arms wide open to hold on the inside. Or maybe Klitschko size and strength continues to add to his dubious legacy.

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