Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bittersweet Rewards of the Fight Game

Last night in San Antonio, TX, fight fans were reminded of the grim truth to the hurt business. In a fight featuring two up and coming fighter's, Oscar Rodriguez gave it all he had until his body could no longer keep on going. The amount of punches, primarily clean right hands, from power hitter Delvin Rodriguez.

It was after the tenth round that referee Bobby Gonzalez came to Diaz' corner and asked him how he was feeling. Diaz let out a loud, painful groan then wobbled and help onto the ropes to break his fall. Trainer Tommy Brooks then held him by the waist and sat him on the stool, before eventually placing him flat on his back as per the medical team and their emergency rescue.

What was hoped was a case of dehydration turned out to be the worse. Diaz was given emergency surgery to relieve bleeding from the brain. The final scene was fairly reminiscent of the truly great and tragic fight between Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan.

For now, Diaz' career is over.Now the fight for a normal life will begin. As for Rodriguez, fighter's who are the victor's of tragedies such as this are never truly the same. Unfortunately, the risks and rewards in the combat sports will always be the same. Fans rejoice when fighter's put their hearts on display but can only look at the canvas with a somber stare when those same fighter's pay the ultimate price.

Jackson Held for Mental Evaluation

Following former light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's arrest for erratic behavior following a dangerous hit and run collision on Tuesday, Jackson has been hospitalized for a mental health evaluation.

And before the mainstream media jumps on its bashing bandwagon and blames Jackson's loss to Forrest Griffin let's look at the situation just a bit closer.

First off, if Jackson truly is guilty of the alleged charges, then all consequences must befall on him and not the sport. This is not Jackson's first loss. In his rematch with Wanderlei Silva, Jackson was brutally knocked out when a series of knees knocked him out and sent his limp body through he ropes head first, leaving an unconscious Jackson's body hanging on the middle ropes,his abdomen being his stabilizer.

Jackson followed that loss with a close win over Murilo Rua then was stopped when a series of kicks to his ribs collapsed him when he fought Rua's younger brother, and consensus pound-for-pound fighter, Mauricio.

Jackson followed those stoppage losses at PRIDE by slowly rebuilding his career with a close decision win fighting tough middleweight Matt Lindland. He did not follow those KO losses by going crazy. So what is different this time?

Well, the guess here (and it is a guess), is that the promotional obligations or desires went to Jackson's head. He was scheduled to have been in Nike commercial alongside NBA superstar LeBron James. If the loss slowed this down, his road rampage definitively shelved it for good.

Hopefully, the pregnant woman who was hospitalized following one of Jackson's alleged collisions will be fine. And hopefully for Jackson and the rest of MMA,this will remain solely an isolated incidence.

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  1. I remember the Gerlad Mcclellan and Benn fight.

    That was one of the first fights I ever saw on tv.


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