Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pac-Man Gobbles Diaz

(photo by Chris Cozzone)

Filipino larger-than-life hero, Manny Pacquiao systematically dismantled grizzled underdog, David Diaz in 9 rounds, though it was practically over after the 2nd.

Pacquiao put on a clinic so commanding in the second, that only a hail mary punch from Diaz would have gave him any chance of victory. Pacquiao boxed as much as he punched former Olympian Diaz. To Diaz' credit, he never stopped coming forward and landed a few strong potshots along his road to Hades, but they were too far and far too few to make any lasting damage.

In the 9th round, pound for pound king by default Pacquiao (ever since the "retirement" of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.) finally stopped hopping like a bunny, settled down on his punches, and landed a straight left on an incoming Diaz' jaw. The punch put the crimson masked Diaz, who had been bleeding form all pores on his face--pr so it seemed--after the 2nd round, face first toward the canvas. Referee Vic Dakulich did not even bother to count what had become at this point a clinic. Pacquiao showed immediate respect to the fallen Chicago-based warrior Diaz and touched gloves with his fallen comrade.

Next up for Pacquiao could be a catchweight fight with either Ricky Hatton or Oscar De La Hoya. Either fight should net him a few more millions of dollars. However, should Juan Manuel Marquez make it past tricky gold medalist and undisputed lightweight champion Joel Casamayor, things could get interestingly difficult for Pacquiao.

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