Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fenech vs. Nelson - 2008 Style: Huh?

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They should have followed the script that preceded the ending credits to Rocky III. It was in the scene where Apollo Creed, who, after helping Rocky Balboa gain revenge on Clubber Lang, asked Rocko to come through on a favor; a rematch. The rematch was held cellar ring, away from the glitz and glamour that perverts the noble art of self defense.

Why didn't Hall-of-Famer Azumah Nelson, the pride of Ghana, and Australian legend Jeff Fenech do this? Did fenech never get over their very close first fight or his kayo loss in the rematch?

Are the profits really that great? Understandably and admirably some of this money is going to charity.

But when it takes a 49-year old, already inducted, noble sportsman (Nelson) and a 44-year-old continental blast form the past (Fenech, who last was seen training an unmotivated Mike Tyson) to rev up interest and donation grants, the question of building up young fighters must be asked.

Now, if this is more of an exhibition, more power to them. Once great athletes are forced into retirement due to either boredom or bodily injuries, they become mere civilians in both the physical and economic form. But once a comeback is yelled, those in the solar system of the sport will take notice, as well as their pen, pads, and cameras.

For the sake of the aged boxers, the sport itself, and to the younger fighters looking on, this should be treated as an exhibition where two lapse their prime fighters give new and old fans a glimpse of what they use to be and what some younger fighter's are today. And the latter was meant as a compliment to current fighters with the skills and reflexes to match their predecessors.

Look for Father Time to flare up one of the fighter's arthritis.


  1. Fenech needs to train kangaroos or somthing. He's too old to fight. Same with Nelson's 50plus year old ass.

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