Saturday, June 14, 2008

Edwards on the Yve(s) of Destruction

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Tonight, former PRIDE, UFC, and any other MMA organization contender, Yves Edwards, will challenge current Elite XC middleweight champ, KJ Noons on Elite XC on Showtime.
If Edwards past performances are any indicators toward tonight's results, Edwards will fall short on the eve of his biggest night.

For years, Edwards has been seen as an uncrowned champion of sorts. The problem is that Edwards has always been beaten just when he was on the cusp of victory. Be it either a freak tapout to a lesser experienced fighter or a cut so horrific the part of him stayed with the mat even after the event was over, Edwards always seems to fall short just when success is literally waiting for him at the gate. Tonight may be Edwards last chance to really grab success by a chokehold and not let it go until his dreams are realized.

As far as KJ Noons is concerned, however, he must win this fight in order to dictate the terms of a rematch with the first man to defeat him on his own terms, Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett. Bennett, who as usual, always had much to say, traded power bombs with Noons and got his off first. Noons has already passed his biggest test to date: A first round stoppage, albeit on cuts, against none other than Edwards' doppleganger, Nick Diaz.

Noons brings the dyanmics of youth and the power of a heavy hitter against a versatile fighter with eons of experience and a desperate edge in the need-to-win department.

BMA's (BoxingMeetsMMA) Fearless Prediction:
Yves Edwards TKO2 KJ Noons

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