Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aloha to the King

There is a reason why some of us blog and do not bet. Last night, KJ (Karl James) Noons took a huge leap toward cementing himself as a real threat to anyone in the MMA lightweight realm with an extremely fast knockout of MMA veteran Yves Edwards in front of a partisan crowd.

It seemed as if Noons would be the precocious one as the fight began. The thought was that Edwards would use his vast experience to lure the younger Noons into unfamiliar territory. But Edwards was too eager to impressed and broke a rule as written by George Foreman: "Never follow a puncher."

Noons caught an overly zealous, stalking Edwards with an uppercut and Edwards immediately took a seat. Noons ran to join him and proceeded to drop some heavy elbows on Edwards' unprotected head causing referee Mario Yamasaki to stop the fight.

Ever the gracious winner, Noons gave Edwards, a long-time friend and training partner, high praise. A visibly shaken and disappointed Edwards was terse in his summation of Noons' performance.

"What can I say? he kicked my ass. I don't even remember it," said Edwards when looking at the replay.

After the fight, Nick Diaz and his ever volatile, middle-finger saluting, younger brother and UFC contender, Nate Diaz came through to make a formal and public challenge. After words and a water bottle were exchanged between the Diaz and Noons camp, Karl Noons, the father, looked to relive his past fighting years and went after the Diaz brothers as security prevented any further incident.

While a rematch between Diaz and Noons is intriguing, there is one rematch that beckons. And to his credit, Noons wants it as bad as anyone.

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