Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rampage and Forrest Look TUF

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As the new season of the popular SPIKE TV original series and UFC promotional tool The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) kicks off, its two participants, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Forrest Griffin--both scheduled to face each other in July--seem oddly out of place there, especially for the champion. Rampage, who makes no secret of his distaste for the arduous task of body conditioning, adds more humor than technique to the show.

That's not to say that Griffin, the winner of the first TUF (and he did it in amazing fashion with the help of Stephan Bonnar), is the next Randy Couture.

"I had the same reaction this time [as I did] the first time,'Oh shit! What have I gotten myself into?'" Griffin said. "What I'm looking for are guys who are uglier than me."

But the funniest line that came from the show's first episode came from Rampage. While taking notes for a fight between Amir Sadollah and former marine Steve Byrnes, Rampage said, quite seriously, "Damn, I can't spell what I want to say."

With lines like that who needs Hollywood writers?

This season, 32 of the selected competitors must FIGHT their way onto the show within 48 hours of entering the camp. Whether or not this was Dana White's brainchild or the producers, it sure raised the stakes. But where there's a wit, there's a way.

"Fuck it, he (White) could have gave me one hour," competitor Jeremiah Riggs said.

Fans can watch the dwindling numbers of TUF competitors and raise the ratings of UFC viewership weeknights at 9 pm on SPIKE.

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