Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Future is Here but the Past Lingers On

Hopkins gets Snowjob in the Spring

It has been a wonderfully frustrating life for Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins. His path has been overcome numerously by obstacles formed by his own actions and through actions that even his technical skill could not hope to penetrate. If soap actress Susan Lucci can win one, when will Hopkins?

In yet another painfully tactful bout, Hopkins lost another close decision to undefeated Joe Calzaghe. Somewhere, Ronald "Winky" Wright must be smirking.

Hopkins, who makes his right hand power a star in his most recent of bouts, stated off strong by dropping Calzaghe in the first round with a straight right hand to Welshman's face. Calzaghe, though stunned, got up quickly and resumed to regain his composure. After that promising start, Bernard gnarled his way into ugly clinches and nullified Calzaghe's combination punching. Though willing, Calzaghe was unable to force his will on the champion, though ultimately, his desire and not his effective punching, was enough for him to win the light heavyweight championship.

While Calzaghe's win was not a unanimous nor a robbery, the final verdict will not look too good on him. He was unable to successfully take the status from a 43-year-old champion convincingly. This is something Felix "Tito" Trinidad did to aged master boxer, Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker. A win, rather an undisputed win is what makes a legend, not mere statistics.

Que Sera Serra


Coming back from a loss in combat sports is tough. Coming back from a knockout loss and being favored to win again--in your hometown, well, one can only imagine the mental anguish that may cause.

But for the once-again-UFC-welterweight-champion-of-the-world George St. Pierre, it was a fact he had to live with during his lead up to a rematch that was as big an upset as Mike Tyson-Buster Douglas. In their first fight, Pierre was expected to knockout UFC veteran, Matt Serra. But as is the case in, as Larry Merchant describes it, "the theatre of the unexpected" those kind of expectations are better left off as hopeful regardless of how prototypical an underdog you have.

Serra went on to score shocking first-round TKO by punches on St. Pierre. This time though, St. Pierre had only a fight to lose and a belt to win. No pressure, right? St. Pierre fought as confidently as he had been talking in the weeks preceding the bout. Instead of trying to prove how superior he was at striking against Serra, he simply used his ground and strike skills to batter his former conqueror and outjab him in the second before raining down strikes on Serra until the referee rescued the now former champion. Easy enough.

Cotto Tries to Stand off the Bullish Margarito


Though not yet signed, it seemed as if June or July is the target date to finally see who Floyd Mayweather's #1 opponent will be if he gets by Oscar De la Hoya in the rematch. Antonio, Margarito, the welterweight who has been thumping on boxing's elite door for years now, will finally get a chance to prove he not only belongs but also deserves the right to fight for the championship when he faces Puerto Rican star and heir apparent Miguel Cotto.

Analysis between the two will have to wait until the fight is finalized. In boxing, it's only real when it's in the ring.

Toughest Light Heavyweight Today?


Maybe not the best, but Glen "The Road Warrior" Johnson has been at the top of the light heavyweight food chain for some time now. He has fought and beat, or been on the receiving end of a few Hopkins-ish decisions for years, both in the states and in the opponent's back yard.

Will the winner of the proposed, but not yet signed, Chad Dawson-Antonio Tarver bout face him? Will Calzaghe give him his long requested match? Or will Hopkins finally get the nod, if it goes that far, against his former TKO victim? Will Roy Jones look to avenge his most devastating kayo defeat?

For a fighter with so many accomplishments and with so many opponents his options seem slim to none.

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