Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Dean Defrosts The Iceman; Griffin Shocks Shogun

Saturday's UFC 76 card featured a come backing former champion, two possible future champions, and some contenders in the mix. As per all UFC PPV's there was another huge upset and another inactive PRIDE fighter who was coming in on past accomplishments and had his check cashed.

Jardine Checks Liddell

Come backing former, long-reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell looked to return to his winning ways and set up an even longer awaited match up against Wanderlei "The Axe-Murderer" Silva against Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine. It was not to be. Jardine and Liddell engaged in a fight that never went to the ground, except for the time Lidell caught a hard right to the jaw in the second round. Jardine simply out worked Lidell by punching him and kicking Liddell all over his left side.At the end of the fight Liddell felt confident in his accomplishment, though was given a dose of reality when the sinner was announced. A visibly frustrated Silva could only shake his head in disgust.

This fight may never happen, though it should since both are on the comeback trail.

Griffin Derails Shogun's Arrival

The highly anticipated arrival of former PRIDE champion Mauricio "Shougun" Rua featured Forrest Griffin giving as good as he was taking. He was grounded and punched and kicked, and he did the same to Shogun. He was cut badly in the second by an elbow to the forehead but managed to even out the round with a take down of his own. Shogun impressively rolled over to avoid taking any punishment though that technique, along with Griffin's conditioning and tenacity eventually proved to be his downfall.

In the third round Rua dominated the first half of the round, then gave his back for the umpteenth time--not a good move against someone trained by MMA legend Randy "The Natural" Couture--and paid a long-awaited debt. After Forrest pounded an exhausted Shogun, he submitted with a choke on the top guard. This was the first time Shogun has ever been stopped (against Coleman, he suffered a freak accident). After a huge victory like this, Griffin deserves a title shot.

Th Rua brother are 0-2 this month.

Fitch outmanuevers Sanchez

Jon Fitch gave notice to all that he not only has arrived, but has all intentions on making himself a dominant force. A comebackig Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez started the fight with an all-out assault, only to be held in the check the entire night by This fight reminded of two brothers who are wrestling in the living room and although no one gets truly hurt, there was the older brother getting the edge in strength. In this fight, Fitch was the older brother.

Lyoto Continues Forward March

And last but not least, Lyoto Machida continued his winning ways against another former PRIDE fighter Kazuhiro Nakamura by a unanimous decision. It wasn't easy, but as the undefeated Lyoto has consistently proven, he's a pure winner. Lyoto ate some shots from Nakamura, but out struck and outworked him in the with punches and kicks in the long run. Lyoto, who was the first to derail the meteoric rise of former UFC middleweight champion Rich "Ace" Franklin, should be given a shot at the winner of the Franklin-Anderson "Spider" Silva rematch.


To all PRIDE FC fighters--especially Fedor Emelianenko--KEEP ACTIVE.

The reason most PRIDE FC fighters have not been nearly as successful as would be hoped is because they have not been as active since the last PRIDE event. You don't sit on the sidelines for months and then return against elite opposition, in a new fight environment, with new rules, and in the U.S. and expect to have an easy night. See Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Anderson "Spider" Silva, two current UFC champions.

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