Friday, September 21, 2007

The Ultimate Fighter topples The Contender

It's not that the grapples of mma have forced an editorial admission of superiority over boxing's 8 ounces. It's the fact that one aspect of the "reality" TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, easily trounces the boxing "reality" show, ESPN2's The Contender: they save the drama for outside the hollowed fighting ground.

While both shows feature enough drama to forget that in the end these men will truly risk their health for personal gain, Spike TV's UFC-based show keeps it real when it counts: during the fight. One of the main reasons The Contender failed to consistently keep high ratings (besides the silly challenges) was that the fights were edited and filled with dramatic music. While the channel has changed, the formula has not. ESPN2, while adhereing to time restraints (can't miss all the poker and bass fishing), needs to leave the one part of the show that is real alone; the fights.

I appreciate how Spike TV markets TUF and the UFC as a whole. Only PRIDE FC had a better production value. TUF features no cut in the action, no silly music, and no sily family reaction. The fight is why anyone would loyally watch the show. Post Script A friendly reminder, this Saturday, the Shogun is coming. Hopefully he and Forrest will put on a good show as always.

A Highlight of Shogun:

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