Saturday, September 8, 2007

UFC 75: A Champion, A Contender, and A Crook

At UFC 75, two men provided their own results and one was assisted with a robbery.

UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson won a tough decision over PRIDE two division champion (l.h. and middleweight) Dan "Hollywood" Henderson. The fight was not as explosive as anticipated but it was because both men fought at a level and style that have made them successful professionals.

Henderson won the first round but afterward, he had a hard time with the devouring strength of Jackson's body, elbows, and fists. The last three round featured Jackson's strength being a bit more dominant than Henderson's wrestling techniques. There was a little booing throughout the bout but that's because the two supporting bouts were mainly on their feet.

Maybe I missed something but did SPIKE TV intentionally delete Cheick Kongo's entrance? Well it didn't matter because Kongo played the role of spoiler by painfully kicking and kneeing a gun shy Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovich and controlling him on the ground.

Filipovich started off with a purpose and leading with kicks and punches. But once Kongo pressed him against the cage, Filipovich lost his purpose and solely tried his newly acquired ground skills without much success. The chiseled 6'4" Kongo bore into Filipovich with knees and kicks to the body that seemed to deflate Cro Cop's resolve.
This may have been Kongo's coming out party, though he would still be a huge underdog against UFC heavyweight champion, Randy "The Natural" Couture.

Finally, Michael Bisping received the right recipe by two of the judges to have the perfect home cooking over Matt Hamill. Hamill came out like gangbusters in the first round and completely dominated Bisping and dropped him with a punch as well as hurting him numerous times and took him down at will.

The second and third rounds featured more of the same, though Bisping's stand up was much better and in the third he landed just as many shots as he received. Bisping also avoided being taken and kept down, though he was taken down on a few occasions. This wasn't as bad as many robberies I have seen in boxing but it seemed as if the crowd definitely had a say in the matter. Look for Hamill to return even stronger and for Bisping, who, if he doesn't sharpen his swords, to take this gift and squander it.



    He spent the whole night running away like a little girl. Hamil was the aggressor! UFC is protecting Bisping. Bisping sucks man!

    That is complete bull!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. And I agree with Sal Costello, Bisping was never truly the aggressor.


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