Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boxing Season is Over (at least in the Minor Leagues)

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Spanish Boxing to the Rescue

With the death of boxing always looming in the minds of mainstream fan and media alike, it's those with the backing are doing all they can to support this ever-terminal sport. Yes, the folks over at ESPN2 are working harder than ever to keep boxing at the blip mark level. This past Friday, FNF wrapped up on the season finale of and will usher in the dubious The Contender show.

Question: Since when did boxing get the seasonal treatment?

This isn't a sport where there are organized teams and players who have home designations and matching outfits. This is one on one competition in its purest form. And for the boxers who fight for $10,000 (before taxes, managers, sanctioning fees, taxes, etc.) and rely on outlets like ESPN2, Versus, and the long dead USA'a Tuesday Night Fights, the squeeze is on tighter than it's ever been.

But if you give the Spanish-language based Telemundo (on free TV) and Telefutura (basic TV in some and basic cable), you will get your money's worth and entertainment, even if you can see it but can't understand it.

If you take a trip over to you'll see the following fights on the schedule:

Telefutura -- 9/14
Fernando Trejo
vs. Juan Cruz
Telemundo -- 9/14
11:30PM ET/PT
Jose Reyes vs.
Silverio Ortiz

And while I will admit that these stations tend to ostracize non-Spanish speaking fighters and heavier weights, you know who to thank for the omitted USA-English exposure.

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