Sunday, August 26, 2007

Randy Couture Defies Father Time ... Again

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Last night in Las Vegas, 43-year-old wonder kid, Randy "The Natural" Couture defended his belt against the best (and bigger) challenger available, Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga.

Gonzaga, coming off a career-best win against Mirko "CroCop" Filipovich and tried to repeat the hat trick against Couture with not too much success. Early in the fight, Couture demonstrated his greater experience immediately pinning Gonzage,who would not be taken down easily,to the cage. After a takedown in which Couture's head crashed against Gonzaga's nose the fight was, for all intent and purposes, over.

With Gonzaga's nose bleeding profusely and Couture's relentless attack and superb conditioning, it was only a matter of time until either the referee/corner/doctor/Gonzaga would stop the fight. Luckily for all, after a brief moment of betrayal that featured Gonzaga verbally telling the referee he could not see due to the blood, he continued only to have the referee rescue him after Couture took him down and punched his mangled nose with impunity.

What's next for Couture? Whatever he wants, Father Time be damned.

PS. Feels good to get one right for a change. I picked Couture because Gonzaga's first, and only defeat until last night, was against Fabrice Werdum. Werdum, hardly a puncher, stopped an exhausted Gonzaga by pummeling him.

And let this be said: Couture still has a few more human years to catch up to the latest top aged dog-- "Big" George Foreman.

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