Sunday, July 1, 2007

Boxing vs. MMA? Why??

Admittedly I am a chronological boxing fan. My fascination with The Sweet Science first started in the checkout section of the supermarket when I was 14 and had a sudden urge to find out more about a fairly familiar face on a boxing magazine. That scraggly face, topped with a baseball cap and joined by rapper Hammer, belonged to none other the Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield, following his 1993 rematch decision win over Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe.

While most mainstream fans may not know about those two warriors or may have simply forgotten them, it is an indelible part of my introduction and fascination with boxing.

Equally as impressive two years later was my introduction to the UFC via KO Magazine, The Ring Magazine's sister publication. This was ironic because it was the latter magazine for which Holyfield graced the cover. I will confess that at the time I did not watch the UFC. I simply read Jeff Ryan's searing commentary in which he titled his commentary "Ultimately Ridiculous" (or something to that effect) and ripped the combatants as fairly heartless and that they would probably be blitzed inside a minute in a parking lot against boxing's elite.

It made for a fun read and when I finally did get around to renting the tapes--late 1996--I must admit that I would certainly not pay or waste my time watching someone in a gi cradle another man into submission.

Fast forward four years later and advancement in user participation on the Internet and I was suddenly intrigued by MMA. It started with a highlight clip someone made regarding the aforementioned gi-wearer Royce Gracie and Japanese superstar Kazushi Sauraba. The HL mixed the late, great Notorious BIG's music with clips of the 90-minute fight. That's right 90 MINUTES!

The HL mixed the late, great Notorious BIG's music with clips of the 90-minute fight. That's right 90 MINUTES!

I suddenly found myself searching the Internet for all the MMA information I could find. Everything finally cam down to an awe-inspiring documentary entitled "The Smashing Machine" shown on HBO in 2002. It summed up the whole inception of the UFC and Japan's premiere MMA event Pride FC.

Now, in 2007, MMA has eclipsed Pride FC (actually bought the rival organization out)and on par to do boxing numbers, in terms of pay-per-view.

Let's face it: We (meaning fans of one-on-one combat sports) have all been fans of MMA before it was even given that title. I dare you to tell me that you weren't a fan of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, or the latest action star Tony Jaa. We've all wanted their fistic prowess and their confident swaggers. Come on, I dare you to say no. Didn't think so.

While I am happy for all the recent success of MMA and boxing latest PPV, "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather and Oscar "The Golden Boy" DeLaHoya, I must admit that the media proverbial stake in the heart for boxing is useless and premeditated. Here are some recent sickening examples:

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  1. Well check this out, I love boxing and I like MMA. Boxing takes so much more skill then MMA. Although MMA came along way it still doesn't present the same skill level as boxing. For instance when you get someone hurt in boxing it takes skill to finish them off, and infact they can come back and win the fight. Lets take on MMA, when you get someone hurt there you don't go to a nutral corner you pound there face in and if they cover up, you do a couple of leg drops and it's over. The only thing MMA has on boxing is organization. Boxing needs a commissionor to over see the sport. There are way to many belts, and to many crocks, I mean promoters that cheats the boxers. We need someone to over see the sport leave only 3 belts and we will see boxing make a comeback.


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