Monday, July 2, 2007

Boxing Meets MMA, And It Is Good

(Part 2)
Enough already! There exists enough money for ALL types of professional one-on-one combat. It's not like there's a season ans the combatants participate a few times, or even once a week!! (More on this in the future)

And what was Joe Rogan babblin' about when he incorrectly said "Their are many aspects of boxing that are ineffective and will not work in a real fight."


Did he or did he not watch the Jens "Little Evil" Pulver vs. John Lewis fight? That fight ended in about 20 seconds when Pulver unloaded a classic, boxing one-two, right jab, straight left down the pipe and it was Lewis who resembled an early drunk on the octagon mat. And weren't Vitor Belfort, Andre Arlovski, and Chuck Liddell lauded more for their hands than their ground skills?

Rogan also went to state that boxing is a dying sport. Again, huh?

Now had he said the boxing "Heavyweight" was a dud, all the more power to his quote. But I guess he's not fully aware of the record number DeLHoya-Mayweather and Cotto-Judah made in a month span. But I digress.

I know that Rogan gets a check from the UFC and is an accomplished martial artists. And from past interviews as well as the one to the side of this post (the Youtube one) he's a huge boxing fan.I jsut can't stand the way mainstream media treats boxing, even though it generates more money than all these sports in one night-minus the Nike , etc.promotions.

Next time:
The Pillaging of a Legend
Is Evander Holyfield delusional or our generation's George Foreman?

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